(ebook, Videos & Audios):  TCE "Do it Yourself" Career PushUp System ($99 Value)

Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared

NEED FAST & AFFORDABLE. Career Help?   TCE says "We've Got You Covered!" Order this 100% digital TCE Career PushUp System $60 Value for ONLY $39 bucks! Loaded with resume, interview & Networking Boosters & Power

Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared!

A $75 value for only $39 dollars! Try this 100% digital TCE Career PushUp Package for those who desire to "do It yourself". We provide the tools...you implement them into your brands.

This TCE PushUp system will cover tips, boosters and more for resume development, interview solutions, networking techniques and more to help you discover who you are and what you bring. Invest in this product now....no matter what your budget is you can change your Mondays.


"...My experience with TCE was above my own expectations, the knowledge of the market and understanding of what employers are looking for provided by TCE was spot; the coaching sessions were most useful and informative, as such i have no reservations in making this recommendation and/or referring TCE to as many job hunters as may come in contact with..." Vaughn (Trinidad)

"...Francina LOVES what she does and that is making Dreams a reality for her clients. She has helped my business, Kingdom Healing Stone, Grow and prosper and she has helped numerous of our clients find the Career they have always Dreamed of. I Love recommending Francina and TCE because I know TCE only provides the Best results! Thank you TCE for Being a TRUE BLESSING AND GEM!.." Latonya, Chesapeake, VA)

"...Three attribute choices are not enough for me to recommend Francina. I should be able to click all of them. Francina has helped me advance my career, even after I relocated to different market. She has the innate ability to quickly size up a market and zero in on the best strategy to get the results you desire. She Rocks!!" Charley, Y (Maryland)

"..Mrs Francina R. Harrison book A Mind to Work inspired me to be confident and have faith in whatever I do.." (Lenetta, Virginia)

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