(Video) Part 3: "How To Get Hired Today" (The Power of Connections)

The Career Engineer delivers REAL tips, solutions and strategies to help you INCREASE Your Job Outlook. This video will ensure that YOU KNOW how to EXECUTE your job hunt in a way that gets RESULTS!

Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared!

This TCE video "How to Get Hired Today (The Power of Connection) is the final of a three part series that will TEACH you how to change YOUR Monday mornings and become the RIGHT Talent to increase your chances of getting HIRED in This economy!

This seven minute TCE video will deliver proven TCE connection strategies to help you increase your career winning potential. It's deeper than JUST social media, Indeed and LinkedIn; it's all about know who you are, what you bring and HOW to connect the dots.

The Career Engineer Testimonials:

"Francina is always on the cutting edge of NETWORKING and sharing RESOURCES always ready to lend a helping hand connect with her TODAY!” Marika G., Florida

TCE Gave me hope: "..This is a tough time for me right now, and just in that brief 15 minutes, I had a renewed sense of hope and would recommend that anyone getting out into the workplace give this a try. Thank you Francina.."

"Francina is the Queen of Networking & business growth! If you ever want to see your business & personal life expand, connect with her today!” Victoria G, Atlanta

Bottom line...this third segment (and the entire series) can get you in position to INCREASE your competitive edge and change your Monday mornings.

The Career Engineers Team


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