$10.00 How to Make a Resume WOW vs. WON'T

Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared

Dead Resume? Here is a 15 minute audio that can help you turn that around and WOW the employer. Listen to The Career Engineer (TCE) nationally recorgnized and award winning Career Strategies (Resume Boosters) that work...for REAL people.

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Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared!

The Career Engineer (TCE) audio providing nationally recognized and award winning Career Strategy & Resume Boosters so that YOU can get noticed. This 15 minute audio brings the Career Engineer directly to you with REAL career tips you can use...today.


" Francina propels The Career Engineer to being one of the most sought out resources nationwide for employment and networking discussions. The Career Engineer will continue to remain cutting edge in the industry because of Francina's commitment to stay relevant and move forward with the times such as maximizing all things social media. If you are seeking employment, wondering why you are not receiving call backs or simply want to learn tips to improve your marketability, I would highly suggest The Career Engineer and Francina Harrison... " Anita M. (Virginia)

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